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invite their friends to anything from a dinner party to a community fundraiser. . Learn how we share information with these partners. Events, with Facebook Events, people can organize gatherings, manage invitations and send notifications and reminders to their friends. When you choose to use third-party apps, websites, or other services that use, or are integrated with, our Products, they can receive information about what you post or share. We provide information and content to vendors and service providers who support our business, such as by providing technical infrastructure services, analyzing how our Products are used, providing customer service, facilitating payments or conducting surveys. Partners receive your data when you visit or use their services or through third parties they work with. More people than ever are sharing, discovering and engaging with videos that they care about in News Feed. The advertisers then use the lead information to reach out to the user.

Facebook Lite is a version of Facebook for Android that uses less data and works well across all network conditions. . For example, when you post on Facebook, you select the audience for the post, such as a group, all of your friends, the public, or a customized list of people. Privacy settings can be customized for each group. People in your networks can see signals telling them whether you are active on our Products, including whether you are currently active on Instagram, Messenger or Facebook, or when you last used our Products. Each persons News Feed is personalized based on their interests and the sharing activity of their friends. Learn more about how we use cookies in the Facebook Cookies Policy and Instagram Cookies Policy. Location-related information: We use location-related information -such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go, and the businesses and people you're near-to provide, personalize and improve our Products, including ads, for you and others. We also work to understand how people use and interact with Facebook Company Products, such as understanding the number of unique users on different Facebook Company Products. Device Information, as described below, we collect information from and about the computers, phones, connected TVs and other web-connected devices you use that integrate with our Products, and we combine this information across different devices you use. We may resolve disputes you have with us in connection with our privacy policies and practices through TrustArc. This policy describes the information we process to support Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other products and features offered by Facebook (. Data from device settings: information you allow us to receive through device settings you turn on, such as access to your GPS location, camera or photos.

Learn more about how we select and personalize ads, and your choices over the data we use to select ads and other sponsored content for you in the Facebook Settings and Instagram Settings. We also collect information about how you use features like our camera. Learn more about how you can control who can see the things you share.

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